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Collectible Paintings: Design Objects in Art

Emerging artist Soo Young Chung, graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, has created a series of small-scale collectible paintings on canvas inspired by design classics exclusively for ARTPIQ.
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About the Artist

Soo Young Chung (b.1987 Seoul, South Korea) is a recent graduate from the MA Painting at the Royal College of Art, London. The artist lives and works in London. Her paintings deal with people’s living space and surrounding objects. The objects in her works are mostly inspired by an actual environment, but the scenes are always imaginarily composed.

The artist is exploring herself and others through everyday spaces and mundane objects owned by people who live a contemporary urban life. People bring spaces into existence that are vibrant with their personal taste. Not only do objects within these spaces reflect their intimate habits but also the identity of the community they belong to.

By painting these design objects Soo Young at the same time portrays people’s very personal & communal identities. Her works have been internationally exhibited, collected and also featured at auction.

luxury art gallery wall desk
design paintings gallery wall corner
design painting gallery wall corner

Lifestyle collectibles:
all-time design favourites

Design objects have long been part of people’s everyday lives and have shaped the way we act and communicate with the world around us. Design legends such as Coco Chanel with her timeless elegance have become style icons that shape our general perception of classic beauty down to the present day. 20th century design styles like Modernism or Art Deco have always developed in close relationship to what was happening in people’s lives at the time such as economic or political tensions and social changes: Design objects are closely linked to the everyday.

Upcoming contemporary artist Soo Young Chung from London has painted a series of all-time favourite lifestyle design objects exclusively for ARTPIQ. For the artist these popular everyday objects she paints built a common contemporary language due to their shared & uniform ways of consumption by a wide range of individuals. As design objects like these are always in relationship with an individual that uses them and tightly knit to their very personal biography, Soo Young has titled these paintings “Biographical objects”.

The individual paintings of this unique edition are created to be collected and hung next to each other to create original wall patterns. Personalize your space with your favourite lifestyle design objects by DocMartens, Diptyque, Acne & Co. and hang them right up your wall!


"I’m so happy with the biographical painting no. 12. Beautifully done. Thank you to the artist. I love how it looks on my wall."

Diana Hoffmann

"After a long search for the right paintings for my living room I accidentally came across this work series. I really love the collection! "

Lidya Kabashi

"Recent friends were impressed, and wanted to know "who painted the watch artwork." So, a conversation piece as well."

Joerg Liebig

Luxury collectibles:
iconic design objects

Soo Young’s exclusive ARTPIQ series of collectible paintings does not only feature popular lifestyle designs but also outstanding luxury design objects.

What does luxury mean to you? This is a very personal question that when posed to 10 different people one will receive 10 different answers. Luxury and luxurious objects consumed are part of people’s identity and some have developed a legendary status.

Few design firms have a similarly comprehensive archive of handbags as Chanel. From the early creations to the latest new designs by Karl Lagerfeld - the list of legendary Chanel bags is long. It was a scandal when Gabrielle Chanel firstly created the “2.55” handbag in 1955. It was the first bag for women with a shoulder belt - an innovation that was seen as rebellious and even impolite. However, it gave women the freedom to move more freely without having something in their hands and adopt a more confident attitude. Soon it became one of the most popular bags and an icon of design. The red colour of the bag’s inner lining was inspired by the children’s uniform the designer wore herself during her time at the orphanage of Aubazine. Often iconic designs start out of a personal story that is told and shared with many through the design object.

This winter emerging artist Soo Young Chung has exclusively created a series of collectible paintings featuring not only the most popular lifestyle but also luxury design objects from Chanel, Gucci, Rolex and many more brands. This series of collectibles is an ode to personal style and the exceptional design icons that shape people’s everyday life until the present day.


design painting chanel lipstick and bag

Collection Inspiration: Design Objects in Art

design painting hermes bag
esign paiting dr martens boot dyptique candle
design painting golf ball
design paiting comme des garcons sneaker and golf ball
design objects chanel flacon
design painting gucci sneaker birkin bag
design objects luxury watch
design paintings collection
design paiting gucci sneaker and watch

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