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Art Investment

More and more buyers and collectors are looking at the art market as an alternative to traditional investment assets. Unlike shares, real estate or precious metals art is traded differently. Each work of art is unique and cannot be replaced or directly compared to another artwork regarding its value. Nevertheless, the popularity of collectibles like wine, coins, classic cars and even sneakers has risen during the last five years.
Art as investment has become more in demand as well.


Investment evaluations and trend forecasts for the art market mostly refer to the auction sales of the high-end market. However, most art collectors not only invest in expensive, high profile works, but also purchase art from the mid- and emerging art market.
Interested in finding the most-promising pieces by artists who are just entering the contemporary market? Looking for your first investment?
We offer a range of art investment services.


Art Investment Services


  • Free personal art consulting & art advisory
  • Hand-selected investment oriented artwork portfolios
  • Tax consulting for companies and organizations
  • Post-sales services like framing, insurance & more
  • Special projects like share-based art financing
  • Commission options


Ed Broner

How to invest in Art

Investing in art combines the passion-led purchase of a unique piece and the option of high investment returns. During the last five years it has become more and more important for collectors to be investment-informed. First-time buyers are also more concerned about the potential return on investment before buying an original artwork. So, how to invest in art?

Like the other investment sectors, e.g. shares and real estate, the art market has certain influential factors. The first step is to gain on overview and understanding of it. Depending on your investment experience and goals, it doesn’t need to be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Not only wealth managers but also art consultants and galleries aim to provide a potential investor with relevant information on factors influencing the art market. If you are wondering whether it’s reasonable to expect a profit from investing in art, consider that the overall price of art has risen more than 100% in the last decade. Recent years have shown a rise of about 25% in the contemporary art market. You can also check reports and track the development of your preferred art genres.

Whether you want to start your art collection, or just purchase an original artwork for your home, the best way to find the next perfect piece is stay in touch with the art world. Visit art events, browse artwork collections online, follow your favourite galleries and artists on Instagram and connect with art advisers. If you have an intrinsic interest in art, the exciting and profitable world of art may be right for you.

Your are new to art investment? Learn how to start an art collection (without robbing a bank)!
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Art market & art investment returns by time period

Global Art Market Sales 2018

art market 2018

Art investment returns by period 2016-2018

Art Styles 12 month 5 year 10 year 15 year

Old Masters





Impressionnist Art





Moder Art





Post-War Art





Contemporary Art





Source: Artpice, artnet

Invest in Contemporary Art

One of the most requested genres in the art market is contemporary art. Over five years, contemporary art has delivered an above average annual growth rate.

We are specialized in new contemporary and emerging art. As an innovative art gallery and platform we work with artists and tastemakers from the up-and-coming art market all over the world. We’ll provide you with clear and unaffected art investment advice and help you find quality pieces and identifying talent among the uprising new contemporary artists. Request more information today!


Affordable Art to invest in

Investing in art requires financial assets. How can you reasonably invest in art on a budget?

According to leading resources for art market information, the average price for a contemporary art piece was approx $30.000 in 2018. If you would like to start investing without financial efforts, you should consider lower-cost art investment alternatives.

Online galleries and young art fairs offer original artworks by up-and-coming artists as well as established artists at prices that may be more appropriate for your first investment. We specialize in identifying emerging artists whose work has the potential to increase in value.

More than that - we love to share our newest artwork collection and introduce you to new talents! Discover tomorrow’s masters with us and find your first perfect investment piece!


Why should I invest in art? It's worth it!

Cultural Contribution

Purchasing an artwork is more than just buying something beautiful. Your artwork will provide you with personal value, a longterm investment and cultural contribution.

Flexible & Affordable

Artworks by emerging artists are more affordable than other art investment options. The option of renting artworks provides additional flexibility.

Investment Potential

Art investment has an overall lower fluctuation risk than other investment options. The art market is bearing high potential regarding emerging artists.

Discover artworks & start investing

Austin Moule

Theresa Kallrath

Sin Park

Delivery & Returns


Artworks are professionally packaged by us or the artist. Packaging and delivery method will vary according to the type of work. Shipping is free for any artwork. 


If you are a customer living in the European Union, the legal return period is 14 days after receipt of your order. Please note that returns are only possible if in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. If you want to return an item please contact us via first. Please note that you cannot return the artwork without contacting us beforehand, as in this case the artwork will not be insured. ARTPIQ is not responsible for any damages or loss occurring through unauthorised return shipping and will in this case not be able to release your refund.


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