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About Us

In Today’s art market, the majority of money is invested into the secondary art market. The primary market on the other hand, consisting of young, talented, and exceptionally unique artists is barely considered for investment. Young artists face high-entry barriers into the art market due to a lack of capital, network, business expertise, and exposure, which makes it hard to focus on the creation of art. ARTPIQ is the first platform to offer artists the ability to crowdfund capital to kick-start their career.

Today's Art market

“Art is something for which people are willing to pay money and that they expect to be able to resell, regardless of the level or whether they intend to do so”
(Melanie Gerlis, 2014)

Currently, most art investments are made in the secondary market by high net worth individuals. For art investments to become an asset class which is not limited to the super rich but open to the general public, the following issues need to be addressed:

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Today's stars


Today's stars

Facilitated by a steep increase in online sales, well-known contemporary art can yield an estimated return of 6.5%. Whilst investing in today’s stars can be riskier than auction masters, it is still likely to prove to be a successful investment.

Auction masters


Auction masters

Today’s art market is predominantly focused on auction masters. Most works have a high transaction price, with an average of $1.6bn per artwork. With financial markets being threatened by politics, investment in auction masters looks set to increase.

Emerging artists


Emerging artists

Emerging artists face a lot of challenges to enter the art market. A dependency on gallerists and tastemakers who can make or break an artist overnight certainly doesn’t help matters either.




Outsider artists, unlike emerging artists, are often now deceased. However, like their current unknowns, investment in outsider artists is rare - perhaps even more so than emerging artists. 


Emerging artists face the following problems in today’s art market:

Lack of funding

A lack of funding can mean that artists can not only afford their materials, they perhaps won’t have the time to create at all. This is especially the case when living in cultural centres like London and New York, where rent and studio costs are so high that emerging artists would more than likely have to work full-time - leaving little time to focus on what really matters.

art platform

Lack of network

Artists not working in cultural centres often have the issue that they are not surrounded by gallerists, fellow artists, and tastemakers. This can make it exceptionally difficult to get their artworks seen by anyone who matters. The formation of online galleries has helped somewhat, though it certainly isn’t easy to get seen, even with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

original art

Lack of exposure

Not being surrounded by tastemakers is one issue, but a lack of exposure is perhaps the biggest unwanted consequence. If an artist happens to live in a city without galleries, an art school, or investment in the arts, then exposing their work to the world is very difficult. Even those living in cultural hubs like London face the difficulties of intense competition, which can often block exposure - even for the most talented emerging artists.

The success factors of Artists

ARTPIQ has looked at the lives of ‘auction masters’ and found common factors that were responsible for their success. While almost all of them struggled at the beginning of their careers, all of them had the essential capital to have the right focus, network, and exposure. As a basis of these 4 factors, artists were able to create art, re-invent themselves, and grow into world-renowned artists.

  • Focus

  • Network

  • Exposure

  • Creation

  • Capital

By The Way, Did you know?

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Jean-Michel Basquiat was at one stage unemployed and homeless. Only because his girlfriend paid for all of his expenses was Basquiat able to fully focus on his work.

  • Vincent van Gogh

    Due to his brother’s financial support, Van Gogh was able to live in isolation to focus solely on painting and the arts. Without it, would Van Gogh have been able to develop into a master?

  • Jackson Pollock

    For Jackson Pollock and Jean-Michel Basquiat, their access to key tastemakers, alongside financial support from Guggenheim, had a tremendous effect on their reputation and reception in the art world.

  • Édouard Manet

    Even though art critics at the time never acknowledged his works, Manet’s great network of friends and supporters (Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh) and his family’s financial support helped him to eventually break through as an artist.

  • Pablo Picasso

    Picasso was able to continuously reinvent himself during his career as he had a great network of supporters, sufficient financial means and solid exposure to tastemakers of his time -- this solid base allowed Picasso to focus solely on his art.

Why we think ARTPIQ will help people to invest
in emerging artists

Why we think ARTPIQ will help people to invest in emerging artists at the beginning of their career

By showing emerging talents' work before anyone else has seen it and before it has entered the established art market ARTPIQ aims to establish emerging art as an asset class to the general public while selecting only the best emerging talents. Due to the lower average prices of the artworks we aim to increase transactions, causing the market to be more liquid and better functioning. For art lovers we offer the exciting opportunity to buy an original artwork, otherwise mainly found in the high-price market segment. 

Delivery & Returns


Artworks are professionally packaged by us or the artist. Packaging and delivery method will vary according to the type of work. Shipping is free for any artwork. 


If you are a customer living in the European Union, the legal return period is 14 days after receipt of your order. Please note that returns are only possible if in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. If you want to return an item please contact us via info@artpiq.net first. Please note that you cannot return the artwork without contacting us beforehand, as in this case the artwork will not be insured. ARTPIQ is not responsible for any damages or loss occurring through unauthorised return shipping and will in this case not be able to release your refund.


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