Art Rentals

How Art Rental Works?

An Art rental service ships you carefully curated paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures or other artwork based on your style preferences and space. The service handles shipping, installation, and maintenance so you can enjoy the perks of art ownership hassle-free. Should any maintenance be needed, the company will repair or replace the art at no cost to you. No need to frame, mount or care for the pieces yourself. One of the best benefits of renting art is that you can swap out pieces regularly, as often as monthly.

This allows you to enjoy fresh art in your space on an ongoing basis. From abstract paintings to landscape photography and beyond, the options are endless!

Benefits of Renting Artworks:  

  • You can offset 100% of your first month's rental fee & 50% of all following monthly fees against buying the artwork
  • Companies can offset rental fees against tax 
  • Evidentially artworks support your employee's productivity & motivation 
  • You can test if an artworks suits your space before permanently buying 
  • No matter if it's for a one-off event or a longer term - you're able to rent flexibly and determine the rental period yourself

Art Rental Packages

Many art rental companies offer tiered plans to suit different needs and budgets:

  • Mini package - Best for smaller spaces like apartments, clinics.
  • Small package - Ideal for home offices or nurseries, with mid-sized spaces.
  • Medium package - Most popular for spacious areas like living rooms.

Keep in mind rental plans include insured shipping, installation, maintenance and the flexibility to change the artwork monthly. You can cancel anytime without long-term commitment.

How to Rent an Artwork?

  • Renting art through our site starts by browsing our online gallery to find pieces you love.
  • Use the filters to explore by medium, style, color, and size.
  • Once you've found artworks that catch your eye, you can email us at or submit the below contact form for details on our rental packages and process.
  • Our team will respond with information on our affordable monthly rental tiers, shipping costs, installation services, and any current promotions we're running. We make renting art easy! 






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Delivery & Returns


Artworks are professionally packaged by us or the artist. Packaging and delivery method will vary according to the type of work. Shipping is free for any artwork. 


If you are a customer living in the European Union, the legal return period is 14 days after receipt of your order. Please note that returns are only possible if in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. If you want to return an item please contact us via first. Please note that you cannot return the artwork without contacting us beforehand, as in this case the artwork will not be insured. ARTPIQ is not responsible for any damages or loss occurring through unauthorised return shipping and will in this case not be able to release your refund.


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